Climb my needel’s wall

Cool it down and don’t panic I’m here with you your not alone

We talk for hours on the phone

Scars of time don’t heal fast we lost our senses By a blast impact

We lost our home theres no contact

And i want you to resident my soul 

climb with me this needle’s wall and write me down as your story



Nature influence


Nature power and its influence
On creatures

We know we have a certain capacity to contain the power of nature,
with people of my similarity We do believe nature have the ultimate capacity to nourish us its power,
At any time , anywhere, and In some ways we can not explain, we
Can feel, we can understand, we can touch, we can smell, we can control,
We can love.
Only when we believe in its power and
Be Aware of how it works, for who, and for what purpose.

The essential nature elements
Soil, water, sun, and wind
Together with earth creatures are combined into the circle of universe.
A simple truth as that, would be enough to wipe out our minds from complexity.
“Simplicity makes beauty”

I will add a “YOGA” mentor teachings in this paragraph
Which came in time to get me
Look more deeply into things.

[a strength is that so beautifully complete and integrated,
is useful to the questioning mind, which seeks answers to lots of different questions.
That strength is very “complete” and we can find answers when we manage to trick the game of mind]


The Arkileh Man

In a Arkileh Shop
They are sitting together at a table sipping tea soaking arkileh
He’s flirting with her in a very loud voice that reach the fourth table (My table) loud laughs and comments
He’s trying his best to gain her attention!!!
The people around’s attention!!!!

An old woman a grandmother
Enjoying arkileh with her
house kipper And a young girl (a relative!) maybe is sitting with them
The old woman in control make an order every 16min
To Double the fire of the perfect arkileh this activity is the most satisfying to her
The arkileh man is making sure
That every piece of Arkileh is working in order to bring up the pleasant mood , at then The tip will be greater
It is his job, this job he does every day dealing with different moods


Time and Change


Time and Change

Change touches every part of things molecules, and at every second the change happens when it reacts with the glob natural factors, and we can not identify how much time an object or creature needs to turn into a different situation than they were a short while ago or earlier. even if the difference a little and sometimes unnoticeable, “is inevitable not to sense that it happened, because it has definitely happened”
”Transformation and change is inevitable” nothing remains the same in the inside and outside shape.

we can noticed it differently with solid objects like rocks, mountains, sands, than with live objects like plants.

when we come to creatures, are unlike the precedent since they have motions and feelings and the change passes over those too but not at the sight of an ordinary eye.

“we can never see the scene again the same on live mode”,(like said before the change occurs at every second or a part of a second) unless it’s recorded to an unmovable image, and to a movable one when its in motion picture.

when we capture a scene we stop it from evolving and transforming, actually we capture it in a frame to stare at it to read the motion and examine its actual situation that was at a certain moment.